steelwork on the roof


Steel Roof under construction at challenge park walkway, part of the works in the Skate Park facility. The current status of work suggest completion at the end of the year but that some of the facilities may be stalled subject to further review of the available budgets.

The roof is now completed with more of the underside and lighting installed to correlate to requirements of the operators.

early models


Early study shows the roof configuration without the current cover over the vert ramp. Of note is the siting of the project in relation to the slopes of the existing terrain. Bus links and taxi ranks are now under study to be incorporated into the structure.

site progress


Image of site works in progress, the floor deck is seen here casted with metal frames rising up to form the shell to support the roof structure.

clay model


3d models


These are very early studies of the skate park centre, the roof over the vert ramp has yet to be developed, pending input from the Skate park Consultant. These images show the CAD models and physical models as used to develop the concept for the roof and the physical links to public transport system and the connectors to the uphill park facilities.

roof studies


Early studies of the roof were investigated using both CAD as well as physical acrylic models. Here we see the perforated roof and the arrangement of slots consisting of skylight openings, made to cast random shadows on the interior of the building, keeping the interior bright and cheery, and to reduce what is essentially a problem in tropical countries, contrast ratio between external and the internal lighting levels of deep buildings.

acrylic model


Acrylic models were made to study the configuration of the roof form, taig into accout of the circuation for the pedestrian and visiotrs as well as the sportspersons movements within the building. The incisions in the roof were made to indicate rooflights, which we planned to use to cast light into the building. The idea was to create an atmosphere akin to the quality of light surrounding natural setting, with tree leaves casting shadows onto the floor of the forest.


We wanted a building that would age naturaly with the weather, given the abundant trees and the naturally undulating ground terrain, the specified architectural finishes should work well without much maintenance over the years, and the informal arrangement of columns, roofs and walkways should likewise help the building sit comfortably into the site.

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